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Kerala Blasters Team: New Signings , Point Table, Fixtures & News Players 2017

Kerala Blasters also known as Kerala Blasters Football club is an Indian professional soccer club. They have their home ground in Kochi in Kerala. The KB team competes in the Indian Super League (ISL). They are one of the top soccer clubs in ISL. The club came into being on 24 May 2014. Since then this club is popular among its fans. They began their first professional season in October. The owners of the team gave this unique name to this organization. Sachin Tendulkar, Chiranjeevi, and Nagarjuna are the major stakeholders of this professional soccer club. The Kerala Blasters play their matches at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The team is one of those teams that attract a lot of fans in their matches.

The formation of the team Kerala Blasters

The Indian Super League came into being with the sole aim to popularize the game of soccer in India. This is why the All India Football Federation bided for the ownership of rights of ISL. The ISL came into the limelight as it has similar franchise tournament model like the Hero Indian Premier League. The construction of the team of KB began on 22 July where this team selected various Indian players. The former England international goalkeeper in the form of David James was the first head coach of this club. However, in August 2014, the team picked up various reputed foreign players. This also catapulted the popularity of the team.

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kerala blasters squad

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The inaugural season for the Kerala Blasters

After signing in a lot of reputed domestic and international players, the team commenced its journey. It played its first match on October 2014 against North East United at Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium. However, they lost their first game. It is worth noting that the first goal of the team came from the legs of Iain Hume. After losing four consecutive matches, the Blasters tasted success against Pune City. In the inaugural season, the Blasters played their game at home in November 2014. They easily won their home match in front of their fans against Goa. Team also booked their spot in the final berth after defeating the Pune City. In the finals, the  Blasters competed with Kolkata and suffered a heart-wrenching loss.

The Kerala Blasters new signings 2017

It is interesting to note that the fourth edition of ISL would witness higher levels of competitiveness. The competition would happen between top ten professional soccer clubs of India. The ISL promises to be sensational this time as there are two new teams. The team under the guidance of Rene Meulensteen has done an outstanding job. It is interesting too that Rene Meulensteen was the assistant of Sir Alex Ferguson. The team is doing a tremendous job on the Indian circuit. They are training fresh recruits who can help the team with valuable performance. Moreover, the new coach is helping the team to keep up its motivation levels.

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The 2015 season of Kerala Blasters

The Kerala blasters live matches are quite popular. Moreover, the team is one of the famous clubs of ISL 2017. In the 2015 season, Peter Taylor took over as the head coach of the team. The new foreign players who are inducted into the group belong to various reputed international teams. With the help of these players, blasters became a formidable team. Blasters FC played their first match against the North East United. Moreover, the yellow  Army won by a margin of 3-1 against the North East United. The coaching staff played a significant role in ensuring victory for the Kerala Blasters FC. The Kerala Blasters maintained their successful run till the next match too. Terry Phelan became the head coach of the Kerala Blasters. Due to his active guidance, the Blasters were able to emerge as one of the top teams in the 2014 season.

Please note the first match to be held in Kochi.

kerala blasters fixtures 2017

The 2016 season of the Kerala Blasters

The Kerala blasters match exudes vibrant fanfare among their followers. Their home stadium is responsible for generating this amount of fanfare. The isl 2016 Kerala blasters are a different team. The Kerala blasters logo is also accountable for their popularity. It is one of the unique logos in isl 2017. In the 2016 season, the Kerala Blasters FC decided to change their support staff. Steve Coppell took over the reins of management of the Kerala Blasters FC. Aaron Hughes got a chance in the team of Kerala blasters FC to reverse the fortunes of the team. The Group is one of the few teams in ISL 2017 who made it to the last two.

Top reasons to witness different Kerala Blasters FC this season

The ISL 2017 is one of those gala soccer events in the country that promises the high level of competitiveness. They are always on the lookout to acquire players who can turn the game in a matter of few seconds. Moreover, the Kerala Blasters FC is one of the favourite teams to win this year’s ISL tournament. The Kerala Blasters FC has been impressive in drafting players both from domestic and international circuits. There are reports that the newly built club would sport a stronger defense. With the help of their defence, they can truly turn the tables on others. Another main reason for the success of Kerala blasters score is the presence of reputed international players. On the other hand, the presence of various domestic players in the team would also mean success. They have a talented mix of national and foreign players. This would ensure that club can emerge successfully from any situation.

Foreign signings who can change the fortunes of the Kerala Blaster Team

Since the inception of ISL 2017, the international players are crucial to the success of the Kerala Blasters FC team. These foreign players also play a vital role in attracting the fans. For instance, let’s take the example of Paul Rachubka. He is an American goalkeeper who is looking forward to playing his match for the blasters. Hence, he can play a crucial role in lifting the luck of the team. The recent Kerala blasters news is Mark Sifneos as the youngest player to the team.

Team Members

  1. Vineeth C.K
  2. Hume
  3. Mark Sifneos
  4. Dimitar Berbatov 
  5. Sandesh Jhingan
  6. Wes Brown

The ratings of Kerala Blasters FC team top five signings

Except for North East United, all the teams possess a large variety of foreign players. The same goes with the Kerala Blasters FC team. They are familiar as two-time finalists. Hence, the team can derive a lot of motivation from this fact. The New head coach Rene Meulensteen is playing a crucial role in making sure that the team of Kerala Blasters can emerge as the top team. So, lets’ take a look at the top players of Kerala Blasters FC team who belongs to a foreign origin.

  • Nemanja Lakic-Pesic can be the game changer in this year’s ISL. Moreover, he will form an integral part of the defence of the Kerala blasters fc The Dutch coach of the team is favourite to strategize cleverly. He will also form a crucial cog in defence of the team.
  • Another international player who can play a critical role in uplifting the fortune of the Kerala Blasters FC team is Courage Pekuson. The Kerala Blasters FC team can have an exciting season if they can properly exploit this player. In place of Haitian, Pekuson can play a vital role to make the Kerala Blasters FC team victorious.
Iain Hume

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The Kerala blasters final promises to be one of the exciting events in ISL 2017. It is a dream league soccer competition that can turn the fortune of many teams participating. Wes Brown has an immense experience in football. He can effectively play a crucial role in ensuring success for the team. A veteran of 308 Premier League Matches who can guarantee the success for the Blasters. He would play a vital role in formulating the strategies of the Dutch’s coach.

  • Iain Hume is one of the best players who can reap significant success for the team. Hume possesses the ability to tenacity and attitude to make the Team emerge victoriously. The Canadian international is popular across the world and has the credit to win many matches single handily. Moreover, Hume is very popular in Kochi. Hence, the  Blasters can expect a significant number of fans in their home matches. Hume has the sole credit to score 23 ISL goals in the three seasons.
  • The Song is one of the famous anthems of isl 2017. The Kerala Blasters FC team hence is the famous team of isl 2017. The popularity of the group is because they have a huge fan following. On the other hand, Dimitar Berbatov would play a crucial role in making sure that the team emerges victorious. Berbatov is a veteran of 229 premier league matches. This is why he can transform the fortune of Kerala blasters FC. He could be a significant influence on the team.

The unique feats of the Kerala Blasters FC team

The team has an exceptional reputation among all other teams that are participating in isl 2017. Moreover, the team has a considerable number of followers in major social media sites. It is also one of those teams which enjoy popularity. The highest average attendance of an isl 2017 team belongs to Kerala Blasters FC team. They have a Twitter following of 1.05 million fans. This depicts that they can easily topple other top teams from the first position. The official Twitter handle of ISL has 1.06 million people.

The digital football rankings of the Kerala Blasters FC team

In the digital football rankings, the team is one of the most popular teams. They have outclassed other top teams in the world. They are on those teams who ranks 80th ahead of various other top teams. It is also vital to note that the KB FC team is also a famous team of Asia. Hence, this team has a huge fan following. Moreover, with the fanatical following of soccer in Kerala, the team can have an enormous popularity. By hearing this fact, the fans of this team can play a crucial role in supporting them.

The Kerala Blasters fans releases new anthem for ISL 2017

kerala BlastersWith the arrival of the new isl 2017 season, the Kerala Blasters FC team fans are gearing up for supporting the rooms.Manjappada is a global fans group for this club. They are bringing a new culture in Kerala. They are also ready to push themselves to new limits. This makes sure that the Kerala Blasters FC team can play a crucial role in reaping success for the team. Moreover, the fans of KBFC team have a considerable presence in major social media sites. That is why the theme song of the team is already on YouTube. The fans are going to launch the mobile application with the help of which other teams can readily connect with the team.The team may come with new Kerala Blasters Jersey this season.

With a strong fan base and a reputed list of players, there are high chances that in this season, the Kerala Blasters FC team would emerge victoriously. Moreover, these fans would bring a new culture to Kerala. In this manner, the football in the southern part of the country would garner popularity.


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