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Jamshedpur FC

Jamshedpur FC: New Signings, Point Table, Fixtures & New Players 2017

Jamshedpur FC or Jamshedpur Football club is one of the new entrants in the Indian Super League. It is a professional soccer club that aims to take the likes of big names in the ISL league. The club will compete as a member of the Indian Super League and is one of the few teams that would start the 2017-2018 season of ISL. It came into existence on 12 May 2017. It is the team of Tata Steel which is also a subsidiary of Tata Group. Steve Coppell is the head coach of the team. The governing authorities of ISL announced that they would publish new rights and bids for new teams. The efforts would be exclusively for cities that comprises of the city of Ahmedabad, Cuttack, Durgapur, Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, and Siliguri. On the other hand, Bangalore FC is another new team that would first time compete in the cash-strapped soccer league.

Jamshedpur FC would start their pre-season training from October

Steve Coppell and his men would begin their pre-season training from October. They would also visit Thailand on a pre-season tour that aims to take the stress of soccer players. They would also face clubs from the Thai league which means that it would enrich their competitive spirit. As the club has to build a team from scratch, they have to make sure that they start from the scratch. Steve Coppell is also the former coach of the renowned organization Kerala Blasters, and the Jamshedpur FC team would expect a turn around this time. As they are competing the first time in ISL, it is likely that they would face some difficulties. However, they can also overcome this by training and compete with teams properly. This group would play their matches at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. It is their home ground for the ISL season of 2017-2018.

The players of the Jamshedpur FC

As Jamshedpur FC is one of the new teams in the ISL league, the management of the club is leaving no stone unturned to draft in players who have high caliber. As per auction experts who were present in Mumbai when the bidding took place, the soccer club has built a team that speaks of competitiveness. They have selected the ace defender Anas Edathodika from Kerala who would help the team to turn its fortunes from the very first match itself. He was bought for a staggering amount of 1.2 crores. The Jamshedpur FC has also selected former national goalkeeper Subrata Paul for an amount of 87 lakhs. Hence, the team authorities are trying their best to make sure that the team wins from any situation that they face. Moreover, as the team is competing for the very first time in the ISL, the team management is trying their best to ensure that the organization exudes competitiveness and fierceness in its approach to win matches.

Rivalry between Jamshedpur FC and Kerala Blasters

As the ISL is very near, the competition between teams is on an increasing trend. In this context, it is important to mention that an exciting duel has begun among the fans of Kerala Blasters and Jamshedpur FC. The former coaching staff of the Kerala Blasters is set to join the Jamshedpur FC. Hence, there are high chances that the Kerala Blasters have to reverse their strategies in the upcoming season of ISL. Even many former players of Kerala Blasters have been roped in by the Jamshedpur FC. Hence, it is quite probable that when these two teams face off in the ISL league, it would be an exhilarating contest on cards. On the other hand, many players who have made significant contributions to the team of Kerala Blasters are set to join the Jamshedpur FC. Hence, it is natural that the fans of the Kerala Blasters would vent their anger on social media platform. The new club has a unique reputation of grooming players who can win any match on any single day with their dedication on the field. Jamshedpur FC fixtures

The signing in of new players by Jamshedpur FC

In a bid to increase their chance of winning, the Jamshedpur FC has left no stone unturned in signing in new players. One such player is the young Brazilian midfielder, Trindade Goncalves. This would be the second season for this Brazilian midfielder, and hence there are high chances that this player would increase the chances of winning for the team. Therefore, all the fans would hope that the team wins even from situations that are hostile. Moreover, the coach would be looking forward to leading the club to glory.It is vital that the Jamshedpur FC signs proper fans so that they can make sure that they win all the matches with utmost ease.

Jamshedpur FC jersey for ISL 2017-2018

If you are a fan of Jamshedpur FC, then you have to look forward to acquiring the jersey of Jamshedpur FC. In this manner, you can support the team more generously. You can buy the Jamshedpur FC jersey from online stores that would help you to support your team correctly. A majority of these jerseys are available in leading online stores. Hence, you can now showcase your support for your favorite team by wearing the Jamshedpur FC jersey. You can also opt to buy the jackets that exclusively feature the logo of Jamshedpur FC. As the ISL league would be held from November 2017-2018, there are high chances that the weather conditions would remain cold. Hence, always opt to buy the jackets that would keep you warm even on wintery nights. Also, when you buy the Jamshedpur FC jersey from the online marketplace, you would avail jerseys of various sizes. Hence, from the luxury of your home, you can shop for jerseys that would both suit your needs and would help you to support your favorite team Jamshedpur FC. You can also select various jerseys that are made of multiple clothing materials.

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Jamshedpur FC ropes in Brazilian midfielder Emerson Gomes  

It is important to note that the current edition of ISL would be longer in duration than usual. Hence, it is vital for the think tank of Jamshedpur FC to rope in players who can quickly change the fortunes of the team. Moreover, as the team is participating in the ISL for the very first time, the team management is looking forward to competitively building the team. The training schedule of Jamshedpur FC best depicts this notion. With proper training, there are high chances that the team would get over the finishing line this time. In this context, it is good to note that Jamshedpur FC has left no stone unturned in drafting in players who can single-handedly win matches for them.

The squad looks stronger now with the inclusion of Brazilian defensive midfielder Emersion Gomes. Gomes make sure that his new team can make the proper impression in their debut appearance in ISL. Emersion knows his trade well as in his previous assignment he was delighted with the Delhi Dynamos. He has the unique experience of appearing for various renowned clubs throughout the world. So far, he has made 10 ISL appearances, and all of these presentations are highly successful.

Hence, it is evident that the new ISL entrants are assembling a squad that looks highly competitive on the paper. Moreover, the Jamshedpur FC also have a right mix of Indian players who are quite adept in turning the fortunes of the team singlehandedly in any given situation and day. The Tata Steel-owned team is looking quite good and substantial and is making sure that they can topple their opposition with ease.

The player draft of Jamshedpur FC for ISL season 2017-2018

In addition to foreign players, a lot of domestic players would also look forward to making a mark for their respective franchise, Jamshedpur FC. For instance, Bikash Jairu is an impressive winger.He also possesses the ability and strength to turn the fortunes of the team in any day.The hard-working midfielder Souvik Chakrabarti and the former U-23 captain would be looking forward to making a mark in the newly announced team. Hence, it is evident that the Jamshedpur FC has a lot of young blood on the side who can change the fortune of the team on any given day.

The updated squad list of Jamshedpur FC    

Here is the updated list of Jamshedpur FC.

  1. Anas Edathodika
  2. Subrata Pal
  3. Mehtab Hossain
  4. Souvik Chakraborti
  5. Robin Gurung
  6. Bikash Jairu
  7. Jerry
  8. Shouvik Ghosh
  9. Sairuat Kima
  10. Sanjiban Ghosh
  11. Farukh Chowdhary
  12. 12.Yumnam Raju
  13. Ashim Biswas
  14. Siddharth Singh
  15. Sumeet Passi

From the list as mentioned above, it is quite clear that the top management of Jamshedpur FC has composed a team that sports young blood as well as experience. Hence, it remains to be seen that whether this newly formed team can clinch the ISL cup in their debut match.

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