The Pros and Cons about the merger of the I League and ISL

The good and bad about the merger of the I League and ISL

The elusive merger between the I League and the ISL would see the start of the day from the 2018-2019 seasons. On the other hand, as per inputs from the president of the All India Football Federation, a unified league is not too far away. However, the process of this merger is still underway, and no one can adequately comment on this process. On the other hand, as per the views of the authorities from the Indian Soccer, it would take place by the next year. Also, it can be said that the Indian authorities are working towards a process for the Indian football to achieve success. However, to do so, they need permission from the FIFA and the AFC. These two football bodies have given the nod to go ahead with the establishment of this merger.

The reason behind this merger

Various national level teams exist in India which can represent India at the international level. However, these organizations do not have the permission to play in the ISL. This has aggravated many fans of these clubs. In this context, it is also interesting to note that many soccer teams do not have the required financial strength to compete in all the major tournaments. The merger of the ISL and the I-League went down well with the team managers of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. On the other hand, the merger would be received well with all the existing teams in the Indian football scenario. I league

The good and bad about this merger

It is interesting to note that the I-League sides have a lot to win if there is merger within the two clubs. On the other hand, the teams would also learn a lot if there is a merger as there would be the exchange of talent. In other words, it is excellent for the Indian football fan. On the other side, the Indian players would have the exciting prospect to play beside the likes of notable foreign players. The I-league teams have a lot of contribution to the cause of the Indian football. This is the reason that this merger would be beneficial to the cause of the Indian Football. The exchange of talent is equally vital for the growth of soccer in India, and this is the reason that a merger is necessary.

On the contrary, as every coin has two sides, there are disadvantages about this merger too. For instance, the teams that have a low budget cannot gain advantage from the process of incorporation of the two tournaments. The AFC or the Asian Football Confederation would hold more meetings with the potential stakeholders in the future along with their Indian counterparts. This meeting would finalize the settlement between the players. If a team is low in financial resources, then they cannot participate in a helpful manner. The proposed merger would be beneficial for all the teams. The teams would have to follow the AFC regulations in order to play in a merger tournament.

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Top 10 Expensive Players of ISL 2017 and their Salaries

In this article, we are going to discuss the most expensive players  and salraies of this ISL  2017 season.The value of foreign players outnumber the ones with home players.

1.Miku – ₹3.22 crores (50,000$)

A Venezuelan footballer who plays as a striker in football team Bengaluru FC.He is a 32 old player who signed 2-year contract to play for BFC.This is the first time he is playing for hero Indian super league.The player has made about 100 appearances in La Liga.He played for his country team for the World cup qualification but it, unfortunately, did not happen.He sees ISL a way of future Indian youth to World Cup football.

Bengaluru FC players salary More here.

2.Robbie Keane – ₹2.58 crores

Another Irish professional footballer striker of age 37 who served as captain of  Republic of Ireland national team

He will join Atletico de Kolkata this season.He is also new to this Indian Super League football tournament.He will be looking for maintaining the Winner title for his team. This player will receive the highest amount for which a player in Kolkata team ISL 2017-18.WATCH below video to view his celebrations for the goals he scored.Will he become the best player for Kolkata this time?

3.Dimitar Berbatov – ₹2.31 crores

This time Blasters come with more attacking and more better players.More interestingly the Iain Hume is back to Blasters.Fans find this more receiving and more joyful about this team selection. Sachin s personal intervention made Berbatov to the team squad of Kerala Blasters.This 36-year-old had featured in about 500 games during his tenure and scored  200 + goals. He is former Manchester United player.Both forwards of Kerala Blasters will make attacking stronger.

4.Achille Emaná – ₹1.93 crores

 This Cameroon national football team (Midfielder) player makes the 4th highest expensive player for Hero Super League. Emaná represented his national team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.He will play for Mumbai City FC as a midfielder. 

5. Bruno Pinheiro – ₹1.9 crores

Pinheiro is a 30-year-old  Portuguese footballer who played in the Primeira Liga, a top tier of Portuguese football. He will be the defender for the ISL team Goa FC.These are some of the foreign player’s wages list.Let us now check for the home players.isl salary for players 2017- Indian players has more than doubled this season.

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isl Indian players salary

6.Sunil Chhettri- ₹1.5 crores

Indian player Sunil Chhetri is a top earner in ISL, this tournament. This 33-year-old player Sunil Chhetri is an plays as a striker for Indian club Bengaluru FC and the Indian National Football team.

6.Jeje- ₹1.3 crores

  • Plays for Chennaiyin FC.
  • led Indian U19 team to the South Asian games
  • He is from NorthEast state of India Mizoram and 25-year-old Striker

7.Sandesh jhingan- ₹1.2 crores

Sandesh jhingan is India s most expensive defensive player .He plays for KB, same as last year.He is known for tackling the forward from scoring the goals.He captains the national team.

8.Amrinder Singh- ₹1.2 crores

He plays as a goalie keeper for the team Mumbai City FC.

9.Eugeneson Lyngdoh-1.1 crore

This 31-year-old footballer from Shillong plays for Indian Super League club Atlético de Kolkata as central midfielder.Salaries of isl players

10.Anas Edathodika-1.1 crore

Anas Edathodika is a professional footballer who plays as a centre back for new team Jamshedpur FC in the  Super League .Learn more about ISL teams 2017