Pune Fans Trash Kerala Blasters after Match between KB-Pune Worst Fans on this season?

It seems like Pune City FC has the worst fans this season.The match held between Kerala Blasters and Pune on 2nd February was won by Kerala Blasters at 2-1 when C.K Vineeth scored the winning goal.The After match took an ugly turn where Pune Fans trashed Kerala Blasters and abused the female fans as well.The video posted on social media has gone viral and fans of Kerala Blasters expressed their hatred as well as sent a bad impression of Pune city FC team.Normally verbal abuse will be there when a team is lost on the home ground.But it took a dramatic turn and Kerala Blasters fans where beaten up with sticks.Some reports that fans where injured.Official report of this is yet to come.Kerala Blasters fans can give a police complaint to the police regarding this and can submit the evidence video to arrest the culprit to safeguard the quality of football.The match was conducted at Balewadi stadium Pune.Below you can watch the video which is circulated on social media.